For me, singing is to connect in a joyously vulnerable and meaningful way with you, the audience. It’s sharing the truest and deepest passion from within my heart.

I’m beyond excited, actually I’m terrified and exhilarated all at the same time, to embark on this musical journey. I invite you to join me, follow me, cheer me on, cry with me, laugh with me (or at me, because let’s face it, I will definitely flail and trip a few times) as I go chasing after my dreams. I’m going to close my eyes and leap. In my mind I see myself as a graceful angel floating into a cool and glowing abyss…but I will most likely look more like this, falling off a cliff!

My website is under construction but feel free to check out our Social Media links to stay up to date with everything going on! 🙂

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