It’s time to sing my own words

With soaring melodies and a captivating vocal presence, Shauna Singer brings people to their hearts with her music. In a world where we’re told who to like, what to be and how to think, her intent is to uplift and inspire all people to follow their own dreams. Loving yourself more means you can love others more.

Shauna Singer discovered her voice when she was 9 years old when her mother, a classical pianist, sat down at her piano and asked her to try singing something for some voiceover work. Her mother’s musical ear instantly recognized that there was a lot of potential in that little girl’s voice. She worked with Shauna on a few basic vocal techniques and that sparked an instant and infinite passion in Shauna’s heart for singing. She didn’t stop.

Every moment not at school or ballet class was spent mimicking Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Christina Auguilara and then the magical talents of Alicia Keys when she hit the charts. Shauna eventually developed her own style, she loves power belting and well placed vocal runs. Shauna would go on to participate in many musical theatre productions and start to sing professionally in live bands. Now she’s stepping out of her comfort zone and feeling empowered to share her original music with the world. Shauna lives by her heart and her heart says “it’s time to sing your own words.”

Shauna wants to bring you into the rapturous feeling of music with her, to make you dance, to make you sing, to make you feel. Music is a natural way to bring joy, inspiration, movement, unity and love into people’s lives. These are things we all deserve and inherently want; they’re innate and natural desires. She truly believes that everyone should be allowed to live out their dreams and live happy and fulfilling lives. When people feel good, they do good. So, sit back, listen and feel good.

Love is Our Home.


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  • Shauna’s talent is above and beyond!

    Anthony Fiddler
    Producer - Fiddler Productions
  • Shauna and her musical team are a pleasure to work with and extremely talented. 

    Brittni Dominelli
    Singer/Songwriter - The Heels
  • Vocally, Shauna Singer is one of, if not THE most talented singer I saw come through the doors of the Giggle Dam in all my years. Her talent and sincerity as a person are real.

    Brad Lovell
    Singer/Songwriter - Brad Lovell Music
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