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Shauna Singer Love is Our Hero

I am FINALLY pursuing my solo music career! Although I has been writing and performing for many years, it’s time to record my first album and I could use your help! With COVID, it has been tough to save up for my first album but I’ve been chipping away at it. I have also applied for grants to help cover the costs as well but won’t find out until right before I are expected to start recording. 

I am set to start recording in September 2021 with the official release date set for February, 2022. This will be a huge project for me that will help launch my career as a solo artist and any support would be appreciated. A lot of people have been asking me to release my own music and now is the time but I need your help! Every little bit counts and will go towards recording , promoting and releasing the album. 

I greatly appreciate your support and look forward to releasing a high quality product for all of your listening ears!!

If you are unable to donate, THAT’S OKAY! Every follow, like, comment, share, and save on all social media platforms are HUGE for every artist in the industry and I would greatly appreciate the interaction on all my social channels! 


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