Love Is Our Hero – Shauna Singer

Shauna Singer
Rainbow Unicorn Superstar Records
Producer: Dave Dombrowski

About the Song:
“In the current state of the world, we need to remember to all stand together no matter our beliefs. Love Is Our Hero is a song about choosing love to guide you through life and standing together with everyone around you. I believe that when people feel good, they do good, when they feel love, they give love. Believe in your dreams and shine brightly! It lights the way for others to do the same; Love is our hero, love is our home!” – Shauna Singer

What people are saying about “Love Is Our Hero”:
“Strong voice and uplifting feel” – Johan Alexed, POPMUZIK

“Powerful production. Top quality, meaningful lyrics” – Greesha Musik

“Great singing, great songwriting, this is the type of music I think we need more of” – Music Lover, Submithub

“Loving the rather retro yet edgy take on the production, your vocals are sublime” – Music Lover, Submithub

“I love the throwback vibes of this song” – Luisa Gaffga

“I love the message and amazing expression” – Daniel Simmons

Song Credits:
Written by Shauna Singer / Ryan Stead / Dave Dombrowski
Produced by Dave Dombrowski
Mixed by Anthony Fiddler (Fiddler Productions)
Mastered by Jeff Dalziel (Diesel Music)
Drums played by Dave Dombrowski
Guitar and Bass played by Ryan Stead
Keys played by Adam Carabine
Synth played by Anthony Fiddler

Cover Art Photo by Brianna Strathdee


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Shauna wants to bring you into the rapturous feeling of music with her, to make you dance, to make you sing, to make you feel. Music is a natural way to bring joy, inspiration, movement, unity and love into people’s lives. These are things we all deserve and inherently want; they’re innate and natural desires. She truly believes that everyone should be allowed to live out their dreams and live happy and fulfilling lives. When people feel good, they do good. So, sit back, listen and feel good.

2021 © Shauna Singer Music